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By the past weeks we test coated a few super yachts Princess 59V and 72. Come look at the results from the pictures!

In the UIVA the first test-type agreement was signed with Jenni Rantala. Jenni drives Kuopio Race with an epu-coated racer TG30 grade. Jennibelong to a Valerio racing team and drives with the number 92. We will follow with interest for the results.

Samfishing, which has professionally served fishing customers on Snellmaninkatu in Kuopio since 2000, is still one of the few specialty fishing shops operating in the Kuopio area.

In Juva city 10 year old trolling trips making PK Kalamakta's Pasi Kokkonen decided to take his one year old STING 730- boats sides an Epu Coat treatment by the recommendation of his friend Seppo Hujanen. Sepe's Tuuri's lures known Hujanen has a many year good experience from Epu coat and it made Kokkonen bring his boat to Kuopio for a treatment....

Lohimaa fishing services have prospered fishing for a quater century -Entrepreneur Teemu Hiltunen is one of the longest clients of Epu Coat. Hiltunen which has his headquarters in Tervo has been offering fishing trips for years with his own equipment, participated in countless trolling competitions and tried almost every possible way to fish. In...

The Rinker Captiva 246 of the 2008 model year had badly faded over the years and with EPU Coat coating the sides were made to shine and it is easy to keep clean again.