Discover of Epu Coat® Treatment

The frame of a fiberglass boat consists of polyester laminate, which is a glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, and a gelcoat surface, which is the outer coloured surface of the body of the fiberglass boat. The new fiberglass boat shines mainly due to the mold grease that has been left on the surface of the boat and the new boat should be protected immediately. Exposure to sunlight and contact with water causes, for example, loss of gloss, hair cracks, porosity and osmosis, i.e. fiberglass plagueat the bottom of theboat. Gelcoat on the surface of a fiberglass boat is not waterproof, which is why the surface of the boat must either bewaxed or painted or otherwise treated to achieve water resistance. The aluminium boat is ready for water and "in principle requires surface treatment and the need for treatment is limited. The surface of the aluminium is naturally protective of the oxide layer, which recovers by itself even if the boat becomes scratched, for example." However, the surface of the aluminium is porous and the aluminum begins to collect dirt and air pollution, which quickly turns into grey and patchy. Stubborn dirt must even be mechanically removed from the water line and from the bottom of the boat. 

The best method to protect your boat is the Epu Coat® treatment. With this method, the gelcoat, or aluminum surface of the boat is opened and the Epu Coat® treatment is fused. This creates a long-lasting carefree and eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative that provides 100% waterproof protection and your boat for years to come.

After years of product development and testing the Epu Coat® treatment is ready. If your goal is a carefree, eco-friendly and a fuel efficient boating season - we have a solution for you. A coating designed for hard use hase been tested e.g. by professional fishermen for multiple years. 

Epu Coat® treatment is suitable for Gelcoat-, Aluminium-. painted and plastic boats.

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