Samfishing trust  EPU Coat treatment


Samfishing, which has professionally served fishing customers on Snellmaninkatu in Kuopio since 2000, is still one of the few specialty fishing shops operating in the Kuopio area.

Pasi Smahl, who has been an entrepreneur at Samfishing for more than twenty years: "Nowadays, when fishing tackle is available in supermarkets and webshops, the specialty store has to have the whole package in order to succeed.

Smahl itself has a several-year-old Faster 560 aluminum boat. When the boat was serviced four years ago, the same workshop had a similar type of boat in Epu Coat treatment. Smahl decided to apply the coating to the exterior of his own boat as well and it paid off. Smahl has been very pleased with the ease of cleaning that comes with the treatment: "The boat is really easy to keep clean and the Epu Coat also brought a long-lasting improvement. The boat stays shiny and thus retains its value better. I think the relationship is excellent. "

Samfishing offers professional help to all fishing enthusiasts at Snellmaninkatu 18, 70100 Kuopio. The online store and various product groups can be conveniently found online at