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In Juva city 10 year old trolling trips making PK Kalamakta's Pasi Kokkonen decided to take his one year old STING 730- boats sides an Epu Coat treatment by the recommendation of his friend Seppo Hujanen. Sepe's Tuuri's lures known Hujanen has a many year good experience from Epu coat and it made Kokkonen bring his boat to Kuopio for a treatment.

Kokkonen does shops fitment- and modifications and is looking for easiness cleaning his boat after a fishing trip form Epu Coat. The boat is now easy to rinse clean, when fis blood and scales come off without ease. This saves a lot of time and effort because of Epu Coat, when the spring time waxing sessions are history. "Waxing the boat was boring and time consuming. This time can now be spent on something productive thanks to Epu Coat. In addition the boat is now fast and care free after a client has used it, when the filth does not stick to the surface. The coating done by Jahka factory fades away from the base of the boat, I most likely will get the Epu Coat treatment". PK Kalamatka's chief executive officer and owner Pasi Kokkonen states.

Even though the Epu Coat- coating was a big investment for the STING 730 -size boat, Kokkonen sees it very profitable. In addition of keeping the boat clean the base treatment also improves driving characteristics and improves fuel economy.

Kokkonen awaits the becoming trolling season in varying moods. The new base of the boat will surely fulfill his fishing needs, but reaching client groups is uncertain because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The pandemic influences clients in many ways. For e.g. the most important client group -the Russians- might not be participating for the whole summer due to the closing of borders and travel ban. This puzzles Kokkonen aswell "Due to the collapse of rubles in the last recession took the most of the Russian clients, and now it looks like due to Covid-19 we will lose the rest. But hopefully temporarily. But atleast when the situation normalizes we will have our equipment in good shape thanks to Epu Coat".

More information about Kokkonen's services you can look at their webiste

Regards Pasi