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Lohimaa fishing services have prospered fishing for a quater century -Entrepreneur Teemu Hiltunen is one of the longest clients of Epu Coat. Hiltunen which has his headquarters in Tervo has been offering fishing trips for years with his own equipment, participated in countless trolling competitions and tried almost every possible way to fish. In addition to all this, he is also an active player in the Eastern Finland Fisheries Group. So Hiltunen has a lot of knowledge of boat servicing. Thanks to Epu Coat, an entrepreneur can focus fully on running their business.

Teemu Hiltunen: "When the products producer recommended to try Epu Coat treatment to my boat, I immediately seized the opportunity. And I have to say that the trying was worth it. Keeping to boat clean has been very easy because of Epu Coat, At the Autumns only a rinse with a pressure washer is enough. My boat is now on a trailer and the coating now protects the boat superlatively in changing circumstances".

From the entrepreneur's point of view, the economic benefits brought by Epu Coat are of particular importance. Hiltunen also emphasizes this "Aftrt maintenance-free handling, I haven't has to wax my boat once, and it has saved me significant time and money. The price-quality ratio of the treatment is quite in place, at least in my size class of boats.

Hiltunen also has development proposals. "Clearer packaging could be created for handling pricing according to boat size. The ease of price comparison and buying these days is easy these days without always having to ask for a quote on a case by basis. For professional boats, you could also consider different thicknesses of coatings or levels of protective layer. If the customer could choose from at least three different thicknesses, then there would certainly be grounds and demand for it.

The fishing season is starting to be at its busiest again, and Hiltunen will have enough buzz in the coming months. Equipment must be in prime condition and easy to maintain. Thanks to Epu Coat, at least the cleaning ans driveability of the boat is easier. At the end of the interview, Hiltunen shouted to the end: "This is a real top product that I can unreservedly recommend to all boaters.

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