What is this so called Epu Coat®?

Epu Coat® is a coating method developed by Mika for boats and other surfaces, which gives the most durable, glossy and easy care surface on the market for the material to be coated. The materials on which the coatings are made are: fiberglass gelcoat, aluminum, steel, copper, painted surfaces and various plastics. Coatings have been applied to hundreds of boats over the past 6 years. For almost all commonly sold brands. Our customer satisfaction is 100%.

What kind of duration is promised for that coating?

The first test boat has withstoods har use for 8 years, several boats have been coated since then and in practice 6 years of durability can be guaranteed. The warranty is 2 years.

How is the coating done?

Although the methods and technology are secret, the following can be said about Epu Coat® treatment: Epu Coat® is a so-called fused to its own surface in the boat no primer is needed. Coating conditions are precisely determined. This method gives a long-lasting and completely 100% waterproof glossy surface for years.

Is the coating comparable to a ceramic car coating?

The goal is the same, durable, glossy and easy-care surface. But Epu Coat® was developed for better immersion resistance and is harder in durability as well as much better in wear resistance.

How much does it cost to coat my boat?

The price of the coating starts from 75€ / m2, but each boat must be priced on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of floor work the boat bottom needs. Email your boat details and photos of the boat for a price review. Roughly bare bottom 6m boat about 1350€ VAT 24% (Bottom, sides and transom)

Is the coating coated with urethane or epoxy?

There is neither. Urethane when there is no immersion resistance and epoxy on the other hand does not retain its gloss duration in UV radiation, but chalkes quickly. Epu Coat withstands immersion as well as high water pressures and constant UV stress for years without losing its luster.

What acts as a base primer material?

A primer is not needed because the stacking agent is incorporated into the boat's ownsurface material. This is also the reason why coating is more durable than any other method on the market because there is no separate layer of any substance on the surface.

How to remove to coating from the bottom?

Mechanically grinding!

How does such a glossy surafce affect Fishing results ?

Just like lip stik, makes You crazy 😊