What is Epu Coat®-surface treatment?

Epu Coat®-surface treatment is multistaged, it requires workmanship and -knowledge. The coating is always handcrafted by a certified surface treatment agent. Done right the treatment will last on the surface of your boat for years!

Epu Coat®-treatment technology has been developed since the year 2007. The starting point has been by a few boat enthusiasts that wished that their boats would be manageable.

The coating technology is completely different compared to other technologies. The coating will not be added to the old surface, but the original surface is opened chemically and there is to be merged Epu Coat®- treatment substances during the chemical process. Therefore from the resulting Epu Boat treatment surface will be highly shiny and durable for several years, and it wont fade away of the boats surface like for an e.g. varnishes, waxes or oils would.

We give for coatings that have taken place through our certified recoaters a 2 year warranty 

The EPU-surface treatment can be preformed on: Aluminium boats, glass fibre boats, painted boats 

Prices starting from 500€. The price is determined by the boats size and condition.