Lower fuel consumption !

Direct reference from another customer:

"Consumption dropped to about last summer at the current 9-12% in liters it makes 1.8ltr / h. Before the cruising rate consumption was about 15.4 liters (all summer) and and now so far 13.64. If that brings even 11% on average then the savings it makes 106 liters in the summer, calculated on the basis of last year's driving volume.

The hiking speed of 4200rpm was before 41-42kmh. Now it is 45-47kmh. That is, at the same speed, an increase of 9.8-11.9%. In nodes, therefore, about 2.5 knots

Top speed did not change. Presumably because the rounds were already in the pin ... almost with a limiter. "


The friction between the bottom of the Epu Coat® treatment boat and the water is significantly reduced, so the boat slides much easier and travels at a lower engine speed than the cruising speed, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consuption. The top speed of the boat is also reached effortlessly.

Direct reference from the customer's message:

"Refinements for consumption. The lowest has been 10.4 and the average is 12.48. I have never gotten to the previous 15.4 / h but well below. So it means that the change in waxing has been 2.92ltr less on average.

That is, -18.9% The drip is hellish in percent. Of course in liters but less than three.

I disappeared from the logbook and the runs have been similar over time. The only difference is that in Kuopio Rock, spinning, which causes a margin of error because consumption was low. The margin of error is a maximum of 4 percentage points.

So pretty much changed with the removal and poisoning of the poison. You can use that information if you want and I can also confirm the measurements if anyone doubts.

The funny detalji is that with fuel consumption, the payback is 4.2 years, when with my driving volume it was cheaper to build the bottom than with higher consumption would have paid for petrol (at the average price) "

Ask your technical advisor for more information on fuel economy