Eco Firendly boating

Do you want to enjoy boating in clean waters and in the middle of beautiful nature and thus contribute to the restoration and preservation of these values!

How can I join the ranks of ecological boaters ?. Epu Coat® coated boats do not need toxic paints that are harmful to water. Epu Coat® will hardly stick to the bottom of the boat or algae at all. Even in sea areas, the bottom can be easily treated by lightly washing the bottom of the boat at the time of attachment.

In autumn, aluminum boats in particular are washed on the beaches and in the yards. with osmotic acid and other strong chemicals. The Epu Coat® boat just needs a water wash.

The Epu Coat® coated boat reduces the amount of fuel used, so your emissions will be lower in that respect as well.

By ordering Epu Coat® coating for your boat, you will make the best of Ekoteo! Congratulations !

How to get rid of anti-foaling paints

850,000 kg of antifouling paintsfor recreational boat use are sold annually in Finland. The use of toxic paints has been banned in Finnish inland waters for some time, but the products are still freely available. Also, boats that have a factory-installed antifouling underlay are commonly sold in inland boat stores. These paints contain a total of 17,000kg of copper, which is more than the paper industry, metal fabrication, municipal wastewater and mining acquaintances combined. This copper ends up in the environment, making it difficult to connect plants and algae, as well as the reproduction of fish and other aquatic organisms. (TUKES)

The purpose of the entire Epu Coat® method has been to introduce a non-toxic alternative to coating boatbottoms. It will be the all boaters responsibility to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, and toorder their new boats in the future with Epu Coat® coated, so that future generations can also enjoy the waterways and the joy they bring.

Our vision is cleaner waters for us and future generations.

Get involved, saying NO to toxins!